Jane Leavitt Arey, Biography of Designer & Artist

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I am a Maine native born and raised in Hermon, Maine with four siblings. My twin sister, Joan is my best friend and true soul mate whom inspires my heart every day. Our mother taught us to knit at a young age of 10. We learned how to read patterns and began knitting sweaters, vests, mittens, hats and then taught myself how to macramé in High School. After my daughter’s birth, knitting was set aside until a few years ago; My twin sister, who now resides in Savannah, GA, introduced me to some new types of yarns and fibers while residing in Florida that winter.

In 2012, after reading “The Secret, By Rhonda Byrne” I was inspired to wake up my creative side again. My fiber necklace line came about by realizing that we all have our own personalities and styles. My phrase was born, “Style Meets Personality”. I enjoy mixing and matching assortments of colorful, textured, fun fibers together to create a classy, fun, stylish, sassy and festive new twist on a ladies accessory that makes them FEEL good. The Fiber Necklace / Scarf was born with an easy magnetic connection which makes these necklaces extremely user friendly for all ages.

In 1995 we founded the Maine Wedding Association and produced multi-location wedding expos throughout Maine. My husband and I are both High School graduates and reside in Bucksport, Maine. We have been self-employed for 30+ years which started with a mobile Disc Jockey business from our passion of “disco dancing” and the joy of music. We entertained guests at events to insure all had a good time. We quickly added a balloon decorating business to our performing. 

In 1999-2019, we added a full service “catering business”, The Spectacular Event Center.  I am a self-taught Chef and am passionate about fresh organic food preparation and better food choices for our bodies. 

July 2018, my twin sister, Joan Leavitt West, opened our wellness fitness studio called "Twinsfeather". Twins for the obvious reason we are twins and the "The feather represents the extensive flexibility of the mind, body and spirit of all humanity, which allows each of us the freedom to fly and be who we are in the world."

I have a prideful heart for fellow small family business owners and knowing that if you….dream it!..... you can manifest it!

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