Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about JA Designer Collections Fiber Necklaces


Q? What is a fiber necklace?
A. A Fiber Necklace is a less bulky version of a scarf and a necklace combined into one connected with a strong magnetic clasp for easy closure. The unlimited color and texture combinations express your stylish personality!

Q? Does the fiber necklace tangle?
A. Fiber Necklaces can tangle if you play with it too much. They are easy to untangle by detaching and hold on to one magnet connection giving it a little shake to straighten the fibers back out.

Q? How heavy is a fiber necklace?
A. Approximate weight is one ounce?

Q? How to wear a fiber necklace?
A. Fiber Necklaces can be worn three ways: relaxed, wrapped around your neck and/or twisted tightly into a pretzel-like twistl

Q? What season can you wear the fiber necklaces?
A. Fiber Necklaces can be worn all year round due to the different textures, weights and characteristics of the fibers used. i.e. cotton & bamboo are perfect for warmer climates.

Q? Where are the fiber necklaces available for purchase?
A. Fiber Necklaces are available for purchase at multiple shop locations along with on-line.

Q? Where are the products made?
A. Fiber Necklaces are made in Bucksport, Maine.

Q? What are fiber necklaces made of?
A. The fibers used are natural and man-made. Cotton, bamboo, silk, viscose and nylon. Multiple textures and types of fibers are used in combination with each other to complete a style.

Q? How many styles of fiber necklaces are there?
A. There are 6 Collections of unique fiber textures and styles: Bamboo (soft), Jewel (multiple fibers), Moonstone (smooth variegated), Plush (thicker),  Ribbon (bold), Shimmer (sleek), Bohemian (ribbon open-ended style)

Q? Are there different magnet and clasp color options?A.

A. The bell-shaped cone and the strong magnetic clasp come in two metallic colors. (Silver and Gold Tones)

Q? Can I get a custom order?
A. Custom orders are welcome, simply email us to determine: 1. Collection Style 2.color scheme 3. length 18”, 12" or 36" 4. clasp color silver or gold tone.

Q? Exchanges and Returns?
A. Exchanges and Returns are easy. Simply return in a padded envelope or small box and explain the reason for the return. It can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Q? How long does it take to receive a custom order?
A. Custom Fiber Necklaces take approximately one week or sooner plus shipping time.

Q? What makes fiber necklaces so fun and easy to wear?
A. Fiber Necklaces come in attractive unlimited color combinations, is light weight and offers 3 ways to wear it. Becoming the go to fashion accessory for a daily casual fun or any glamorous occasions, as well.