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Twin Sisters Team Up

Joan Leavitt-West & Jane Leavitt-Arey

Twin sisters Joan Leavitt-West and Jane Leavitt-Arey, both live in Bucksport, Maine and have been creating women's accessories for over 6 years now.  Jane found her passion for fiber many years ago as a young woman and it has lead her to create JA Designer Collections Fiber Necklace creations.  While keeping her hands busy, she also found a way to add shinny sparkle by using glass - hence the Glass Beaded Bracelets were born.  (image below) The joy is in the making!  

Glass Beaded Roll-On Bracelets

Joan has a passion for encouraging herself and others to become the Best You Can Be.  With her desire to uplift and encourage others using words, she  created her lovely 'Pillowcase Gifts' - they have a worded message (which she creates) and then heat presses onto the pillowcase band.  Such a great gift to give to anyone. Words do matter.   Joan also had set aside her earring making from a few years ago and decided picked it up again in 2020, hence she created her Inspired by the Elements earring collection.  (see image below) 

The sisters are co-creators of JA Designer Collections and enjoy creating women's accessories and showcasing boutique gifts too.  JA Designer Collections is a Women's Accessories and Boutique Gifts Online Shop.  JA Designer Collections offers both, retail and wholesale options for people and businesses across the USA.    JA Designer Collections - Women's Accessories & Boutique Gifts



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