Summer Winds Earrings


Women of all ages enjoy our feather-lite earrings, as they can be formal, casual, and/or playful too!  Each one is hand-sculpted, hand-hammered, and made of light-weight aluminum sculping wire adorned with colored beads made from wood, clay, metal, and glass, offering you many options for the outfit(s) of your choice. Size averages are approx. 1 1/4″ L x 1″ W




Our feather-lite earrings are enjoyed by women of all ages.  They are hand sculped by a Maine Artisan, using light-weight aluminum sculpting wire, along with a mixed media of wood, glass, metal, and clay beads accentuating the hand-hammered, hand-sculpted earring designs. (Sizes range from ( ¾ L ” x ¾ W”) to  (2”L x 1 ½W “). 

Feel free to explore all your options within our “Inspired by the elements” - Earth, Air, Fire & Water – Earring Collections.   All bead colors are available for each earring design – see the color chart for complete list.  Reminder our bead colors can vary slightly from our manufacturers as the designs will vary slightly from the artisan as well.  The sizes are a great guide - actual sizes may vary within a 1/6th – 1/8th of an inch.     

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Brass, Bronze, Chocolate, Gold, Green Metal, Grey, Light Blue, Lime Green, Navy Blue, Puddy, Sage Green, Silver, Tan Wood

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