Ribbon Collection for Work or Play


Our wide ribbon collection is a fun way to enjoy a dynamic look with a full spectrum of colors. Wears Perfectly as a scarf or a necklace with a showy style.  The rich and vibrant ribbon fibers come from the USA, Italy and Turkey.  Made in the Maine, USA. 



Top quality wide variegated ribbon from Italy complemented with a gem-like fun fibers in a palette of fashion colors. Extra light and very showy!                                                                                        Our products are a combination of classic and modern style satisfying any style for our customers.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 in

104-Deep Blue Sea, 140-Frosted Berry, 134-Blue Sand Marble, 139-Frosted Purple, 108-Rio, 109-Sea Glass, 129-Mediterranean, 112-Sea Glass Violet, 148-Turquoise, 128-Black & Gold Marble, 158-Raspberry Sage, 154-Hot Pink Sea, 122-Bright Blue Skies, 156-Southwest, 141-Peppermint, 144-Black & Silver, 145-Just Peachy, 125-Irish Greens, 136-Zebra, 147-Soft Magenta, 137-Mardi Gras, 143-Tropical, 129-Ruby Marble, 149-Soft Cream, 142-Peacock, 140-Frosted Berry, 138-Frosted Caramel, 155-Frosted Ebony, 165-Frosted Tiffany


12" Short, 18" Long