Winding Streams

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Water colors range from deep blues to the hews of greens which is part of our Water Collection. Enjoy this flow of water colors and add one to your personal collection today.  Our easy roll-on style makes this a favorite choice with ladies from all ages. (18-80) Silky smooth, glass beaded women’s bracelet is available in two sizes:  S/M or L/XL   This beautiful bracelet is perfect day or night with any outfit! Note:  Children sizes available by custom order only.   Did you know, glass is made of silica, sand quartz, lime and soda?  Thank you Mother Earth.   




The smoothness of the glass feels silky against the skin.  As you move - it moves with you.  Inspired by the elements of the Earth, the main component of glass is silica, sand quartz, lime and soda or potash. Different minerals like iron, manganese, gold, quartz and tin are added to the basic ingredients to create colors. Enjoy a fashion accessory that is as colorful as you are! 

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .50 in
Beaded Bracelet Size

S / M, M / L, L-XL

Beaded Bracelet Style

Solid, Speckle, Twist